Gained experience and extensive knowledge of modern trends gives us the opportunity to design and manufacture interior furniture for various purposes. Regardless of whether we approach the arrangement of an intimate, romantic cafe, office, spa salon, shop or professional reception in each case, we provide a professional interior design and unique selection of furniture for a specific interior. Each project is an opportunity for us to discover the infinite possibilities offered by space!


A modern office is a place of self-fulfillment that promotes well-being, a positive atmosphere and efficient work. According to modern management theories, employees are more creative when they can freely exchange views and ideas in an inspirational environment. That is why open office spaces are transformed into informal meeting and interaction zones. Comfortable furniture for informal conversations is increasingly being arranged in the corners and in the corridors. At Eline, each visualization is discussed in detail with the client. We take into account many factors, i.e. the age of employees, the scope of their duties and gender. We pay special attention to representative rooms that create the company's image.

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In recent years, we can observe intensive development of gastronomy, which is adapting to the growing needs of consumers. New premises of international chains are created, as well as independent cafes / restaurants of a very diverse nature. The competitive advantage is not only the menu, but also the feel and atmosphere of the place, which creates an unforgettable experience for customers, motivating them to visit again. The unique style of the interior becomes a key element here, and personalized furniture can be an element of design that distinguishes and identifies the brand of a given point. At Eline, we will design and make unique furniture of various sizes and forms that will work in both small cafes and large restaurants.

Service points

The design of the sales location create positive consumer experiences. The arrangement and style of a given service point can be a recognizing sign, that attracts potential buyers. For many popular brands of banks, clothing stores, cosmetics outlets, the decor of retail chains is registered as a trademark. At Eline, we offer unique interior arrangements and high-quality furniture, emphasizing the atmosphere and the identification of the premises. We also attach particular importance to consumer comfort, which translates into their loyalty and long-term cooperation.