Project flow

Identification of needs

We start cooperation with the client from the vision of the premises and a detailed conversation with the client, in which we learn about his concept and needs. We determine who will be the users of the interior / space and what is they lifestyle. Particularly important in this case are the preferences and expectations regarding the appearance and functionality of the furniture and equipment. On the first meeting, we share our experience, proposing initial possibilities and ideas for arranging the space of a given place


The next step is to define the room that we will arrange. We make the necessary measurements and sketches. We pre-identify the limitations and possibilities resulting from the interior architecture.

Conceptual design

After defining the space and the needs of users, we prepare an image of the interior along with the proposed arrangement of furniture. The project is prepared in the form of 3D spatial visualizations, illustrating the general form of aesthetic, material, color and lighting solutions. The concept also includes floor plans with proposals of partition walls, furniture arrangement, devices and sanitary facilities. Based on it, we develop the final shape of the architectural design.

List of elements and cost estimation

Based on the accepted conceptual outline, visualization and architectural design, we prepare a detailed list of all elements designed in the interior (furniture, lighting, equipment, accessories, etc.). We also present the client with samples of materials that will be used during work along with their valuation. The cost estimate also applies to all elements on individual orders, including furniture, custom-made furniture, including upholstered furniture, fronts, glass buildings, stone countertops, as well as production and assembly

Implementation Project and Agreement
After project assumptions acceptance, materials and cost estimation, we prepare a work plan containing the time and method of implementation. After agreeing the scenario with the client, we prepare a draft Agreement, including:

  • 3D visualization
  • Architectural design
  • List of elements and materials
  • Work schedule
  • Warranty Periods

After signing the Agreement and making an advance payment, we proceed with the order. We install furniture and other decor elements on the agreed date, ensuring cleanliness and limiting the nuisance to a minimum. We take over full supervision and control over the implementation process. All changes that may arise during the work are consulted with the customer.

After completing the assembly, we invite the customer to receive the final result. We present the scope and quality of work performed and compliance with the project. If the aesthetics and functionality of the decor correspond to the agreed assumptions, we sign a protocol that contains information about the furniture, components installed, accessories and assembly work carried out. At the end we settle the work, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, saying goodbye to the client who can now enjoy his new, dream interior!